WVO Starter Kit

SKU: PACK-X100-5
Minimum Quantity: 1
Size: X100 (6x20)
Material: Polypropylene Felt
Micron Rating: 5
Style: Plastic Ring
Ring Material: Polypropylene
PSI Rated: 100

Recycled vegetable oil is a renewable and environmentally responsible alternatives to diesel fuel. If you are burning recycled cooking oil in your diesel engine, a 5 micron single-pass bag filter will remove unwanted contamination. This will preserve your vehicle's fuel pump, filter, and injectors.


Our WVO Starter package includes an X100 filter bag housing with steel mounting legs, a differential pressure indicator, and 10 PONG5X01 5 micron filter bags.


This is starter pack w/ X100 housing, carbon steel legs, 10 bags, and pressure indicator. Bags are Polypropylene which offer excellent chemical resistance. Its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for applications up to 120° F