Nominal Pleated Bags

Minimum Quantity: 2
Micron Rating: Nominal 1-200
Material: Polyester or Polypropylene
Length: 12" (#1) or 26" (#2)
Cap Style: F, SC, BC, AR
Micron Rating:
Cap Style:

Nominal Depth Pleated Liquid Bags

Due to the unique design of this pleated cartridge, it provides 5 to 10 times the surface area (depending on micron). This dirt holding capacity and efficiency are maximized by pleating two layers of nominal felt to create a pre-filter & final filter layer.

The two-layer pleat pack is designed for higher flow applications with a lower initial pressure drop. Thermally bonded end caps prevent particulate by-pass.

• Available in Polyester or Polypropylene construction

• Micron ratings from 1-200

• Fits most Size #1 or #2 strainer baskets

• Polypropylene and Polyester materials meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520

• Silicone-free construction


How To Order?

If you are not certain about your housing specifications, please contact us prior to making a purchase.

If you are retrofitting the pleated bag to your existing unit, please measure the basket inner diameter to determine which Cap Style you will need. Optional cap style dimensions are:

SC – Small Cap – 6-5/8” D

BC – Big Cap – 7-1/8” D

AR – Flanged Cap designed for the FSI/PALL filter housings

Please choose Micron Rating, then the Material (Polyester or Polypropylene), and then choose the desired size/length and the end cap. Standard packaging is 4/case with a minimum order of 2 (which is a 1/2 box quantity).