MWPBPP001X100 Absolute Pleated X100 Bags

SKU: X01-DP6
UPC: X01-DP6
Minimum Quantity: 2
Material: Polyester or Polypropylene
Type: Pleated Bag
Housing Fitment: X100 416014B 416014C

Absolute Rated Deep Pleated X100 Liquid Bags

Absolute Rated Deep Pleated Liquid Bags

With a removal efficiency of 99%, these bags are available in filtration ranges from 1A to 40A microns.

Due to the unique design of this pleated cartridge, it provides 16 sq. ft. of filter surface area which will fit former PALL/FSI X100 filter housing. Dirt holding capacity and efficiency are maximized by pleating several different filter media together in a single pleat element. A single cartridge is designed to replace up to 10 standard nominal rated filter bags.

The cartridge is designed to fit into the housing without a basket support and no need for the cartridge plate. It is available in different filter media to meet chemical compatibility and industry standards.

To achieve optimum performance while minimizing filtration costs, it is recommended that the flow rate is at 15 GPM and pressure at a maximum of 20 PSID.

• ***Dirt Holding Capacity chart is for #2 bag, X100 size is ONE-HALF the dirt holding capacity. *** 

• Available in Polyester or Polypropylene construction

• Micron ratings from 1A-40A

• Fits former PALL/FSI X100 housing

• Polypropylene and Polyester materials meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520

• Silicone-free construction


How To Order?

If you are not certain about your housing specifications, please contact us prior to making a purchase.

Please choose Micron Rating, then the Material (Polyester or Polypropylene). Standard packaging is 4/case with a minimum order of 2 (which is a 1/2 box quantity).