Pleated Filter Bags


The filtration setup that results in too much downtime can be costly for many reasons. Our new PLEATED BAG ELEMENTS result in fewer bag changeouts, less downtime, and longer cycle times. These PLEATED BAGS are available in 2 most popular and standard filter sizes on the market.

PLEATED BAGS for standard SIZE 2

Industry standard size 2 PLEATED BAG ELEMENT is designed for applications requiring nominal filtration media between 1 and 200 microns, absolute filtration media between 1 and 20 micron, and oil absorbing media. Standard size 2 bags have 4.4 square feet of surface area, whereas the PLEATED BAGS have 26 square feet in nominal felt configuration and 36 square feet in absolute and oil absorbing configuration. These bags have 6 to 8 times more surface area than the regular size 2 bags and consequently last that many times more per application.


The PLEATED BAGS are adaptable to different vessel manufacture specifications. Top flange designs and height adjusting bottom screw ensure proper fit. If you are not certain about your housing specifications, please contact us.


PLEATED BAGS are sealed at the top and bottom and supported by 2 stainless steel bands and an outer plastic mesh. A stainless steel handle facilitates bag removal when fully loaded.

Select nominal, absolute (A) or oil absorbing media in the micron rating and media of choice as listed on the product page. Click here to be directed to our product purchasing information.


PLEATED BAGS for our X100 Vessel

Pleated bags are ideal for applications requiring exact (absolute) filtration between 1 and 40 microns where greatly increased surface area will result in longer cycle time and fewer bag change shutdowns.

 Standard X01 filter bags have 2 square feet of surface area compared to 16-25 square feet of pleated bags, depending upon the micron rating. Pleated bags do not require any adjustments to the current filtration setup, they simply replace the bag and basket design and fit directly into the housing. 


Standard packaging is 4/case with a minimum order of 2 (1/2 box) required. Click here to be directed to our product purchasing information.